Why Have You Forsaken Me

I’m home!
I got back this morning and my sleep is all messed up but it’s good to be home. Friday night, we leave to Malaysia! I’m excited to take pictures there.

Last week’s theme was doors/windows.
I had three ideas I wanted to shoot but didn’t get a chance to do them all, the last few days in Egypt were quite hectic. And when I did this, I thought that I was going to scrap it for sure. I was almost ready to give up on it, then I thought I’d experiment a little. Here it is, image 13 for the 52 Week Project:

Why Have You Forsaken Me
Why Have You Forsaken Me

Before I ended up with this, there was only one subject in the picture, it wasn’t black and white, and the frame was bigger. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on it.

I almost never talk about the stories behind my pictures unless I’m asked directly. So I thought I’d share a very short story I had in mind:
They were after me for days. I couldn’t keep running anymore. My lungs gave out and my feet were bruised and bleeding. I thought I’d find refuge here. I thought I’d find someone to help me. I thought I could be saved.
They took me in but broke me. I heard their laughter as I took my last breath.
But I’ve come back for them.

Next week’s theme is: reflections.
Ooh I’m excited for this one!

2014-2017 52 Week Project

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  1. Amani, that is wonderful, I am glad you did not give up on it! Thank your for also sharing the story behind it!
    Also your last picture was amazing! I hope you are doing well while travelling the world – how exciting is that 🙂 Take care of yourself!
    Lots of hugs!


  2. GREAT work. I like how you didnt give up on it. See persistence is great! Did you expand on the frame?

    I also like how this story is a little different, with a twist!

    The movement is also a great touch… look forward to seeing more from Egypt!


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