Month: August 2014

A Dance With The Devil

Last week’s theme was supernatural, and I was so excited to do something a little darker or creepier than usual. I’m a huge fan of the show, Supernatural, and, call me weird but I love the scenes with all the demons and possessions. Surprisingly though, I’m a chicken when it comes to horror movies and…

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Phobia & Growth

Last time I posted a picture for the 52 Week Project, I said that I’d do two new pictures to make up for being late with the last one. The themes I chose were phobia and growth. I was planning on making it something like a part 1/part 2 thing, but then while brainstorming I…

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Trail of Hope

I’m finally back from Malaysia! It was a wonderful trip and I’ve got a lot of pictures to show you guys. But first, the picture for the 52 Week Project. I mentioned getting kicked out of the park for shooting in my last post, and I didn’t get to shoot extra pictures to expand the frame. I…

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