Phobia & Growth

Last time I posted a picture for the 52 Week Project, I said that I’d do two new pictures to make up for being late with the last one. The themes I chose were phobia and growth. I was planning on making it something like a part 1/part 2 thing, but then while brainstorming I decided to do something else. In a way, both pictures are still kinda related (I think).

So for phobia, I decided to base it on the fear of fire, or pyrophobia.

The End is Nigh
The End is Nigh (16/52)

For this picture, I used some of the extra shots I took during Brooke Shaden’s workshop last March. We went shooting in Ras Al-Khaima and the place was just gorgeous. I didn’t want to use stock pictures of fire, so I started a fire (don’t worry, no one got hurt!) in our backyard and took lots of pictures. For the clouds, I used pictures that my friend, TJ, took. He also sent me the picture of the big fire at the back.

For the second picture, I started thinking about what I could do that still kinda had the fire theme but also growth. And what I instantly thought of was a phoenix.

Turn Back Time
Turn Back Time (17/52)

At first I had grass behind the girl and was planning on having a stormy sky, but I felt like the grass was just too distracting so I decided to experiment with the black background. When I took Brooke’s workshop back in November, she showed us the editing process of one of her pictures and painted the background black, and she does it a lot in her pictures, so I’ve been wanting to try that but it never felt right, until I tried it with this picture.

It’s been so much fun working on these two pictures, but I’m super excited to start a new one! So the theme for this week is: supernatural.
Yayy I can do something super creepy! Haha.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely week/weekend! ❤

2014-2017 52 Week Project

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