A Dance With The Devil

Last week’s theme was supernatural, and I was so excited to do something a little darker or creepier than usual. I’m a huge fan of the show, Supernatural, and, call me weird but I love the scenes with all the demons and possessions. Surprisingly though, I’m a chicken when it comes to horror movies and I get scared easily. The Ring still FREAKS me out, and I never got through The Others. I never even tried to watch The Grudge. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. I guess I don’t mind Supernatural because it doesn’t seem real at all? (and *cough*JensenAckles*cough*)
While I was looking for inspiration (that consisted of looking at tons of creepy pictures haha), I found this image:
and I really wanted to create something kinda based on it, so here’s what I came up with:

A Dance With The Devil
A Dance With The Devil (18/52)

For this picture, I shredded a trash bag and turned it into a skirt/dress. To get the perspective right I used a ladder and had the camera at a slightly low angle, then of course photoshopped the ladder out. Then I took a bunch of extra pictures just flicking the shreds and composited that in, and added smoke. I took some stock pictures of smoke a while back (when I did Between Memories and Reality) then simply inverted the colors and had black smoke! I used Brooke Shaden’s textures, and cloud pictures taken by my friend TJ.

I’ve noticed that my blog posts with the speed edits always end up getting more views so I’m just wondering if you guys would like to see more of that, or would you wanna see more of a step-by-step tutorial, or something like this:

Lemme know! 🙂

Next week’s theme is: animals.
Ok, I hate myself for putting that in there XD

2014-2017 52 Week Project The Making Of

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  1. Im one of your avid fanatic
    The black and white is just so perfect
    Its like a painting of picasso
    A simple and meaningful piece
    I love to see more
    Keep posting


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