(the making of) Winter Has Killed Everything

I am SO excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on! I’ve always wanted to do a behind the scenes video/behind the scenes pictures, but I never get to because it’s almost always just me shooting.
Last week’s theme for the 52 Week Project was fairytales. And I instantly knew that I wanted to do something based on Thumbelina. Growing up, it was my favorite movie (right after Sleeping Beauty). The soundtrack of the movie is just so magical (I even have some of the songs on my iPod).
I always loved the song “Let Me Be Your Wings”, and it breaks my heart how by the end of the movie when Thumbelina finds out that the prince is dead (spoiler alert: he’s not), she sings the saddest song with the same melody:
Once there was the sun
Bright and warm and wonderful
Shining like the love within my heart
Now there’s no more sun
Winter has killed everything
And although it’s dark december
Forever, I’ll remember Sun

And that’s what I decided to base the picture on.

Winter Has Killed Everything

Ever since I built the miniature bridge for my picture, Between Memories and Reality, I’ve been wanting to do something like that again. So I decided to build my own set! Here it is, you’ll also see the editing process πŸ™‚

This week’s theme is: dance
well, this is interesting.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week/weekend! ❀

2014-2017 52 Week Project The Making Of

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