A Plunge Into The Unknown

Last week’s theme for the 52 Week Project was dance. I started looking up different kinds of dances but in the back of my mind I thought I’m definitely going to do something based on ballet. Ballet just seems so graceful and beautiful. I kept looking at pictures until I saw some of aerial dances and was blown away. A few years back I got to see Cirque Du Soleil in Dubai and that was the first time I ever saw aerial dances in real life, it was just amazing.
I started off with one idea and ended up with something completely different. I had a bunch of dead people on the ground and wanted it to look like fallen angels, with one in the middle almost falling. It just didn’t look right. So after some experimentation and lots of help/critique from a friend, I ended up with this!

A Plunge Into The Unknown (23/52)

Used Brooke Shaden’s textures, and the background + clouds were taken by my friend, TJ.

I’m announcing this week’s theme, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do it. On tuesday morning, I’m flying to Hawaii to attend Brooke Shaden’s workshop/retreat, and I am SO excited!! I’ll also be traveling around the US for the rest of the month. Traveling on my own has been one of my biggest dreams and I can’t believe it’s happening! I’ll try to keep my blog and Facebook page updated, but I’ll definitely be documenting my trip on my personal instagram account, if you’re interested in knowing what I’m up to!
The theme is: letters.

2014-2017 52 Week Project

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