One Thing To Be Tempted, Another To Fall.

Last week’s theme for the 52 week project was temptation, and it took me a long time to be able to think of something for it.

The first thing I thought of when I thought about temptation was a snake, an apple, and the story of Adam and Eve. But I didn’t really want to do something based on that. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to a tutorial for making someone/something a statue and I wanted to try it. But that got me thinking about Medusa, and at first I thought I’d use the tutorial for a Medusa-inspired image, but then I decided to save that for another image (the tutorial, not using Medusa as inspiration).

I love snakes. When I was around 15 I had a pet snake and I loved it (but for some reason, I’m terrified of spiders, which doesn’t make a lot of sense). Anyways, I knew I wanted snakes in my picture but I had no idea where to go to take pictures of snakes so I decided to use stock images. I bought these amazing stock images from and I think they worked perfectly.

One Thing To Be Tempted, Another To Fall (25/52)


I feel like this isn’t something I would wanna add to my portfolio, but it was so much fun to make. I experimented with different editing techniques (I’ve been watching a lot of Phlearn lately) and just had fun with it. I was unsure about the coloring as well because it seemed so different than what I’d usually go for, but I felt like this image needed that pop of color, and contrast.

This week’s theme is: window light.

2014-2017 52 Week Project Thoughts

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  1. Hello Amani! Well! As opposed to you, I do not like snakes! The further away from snakes, the better! I only like these reptiles when I look at beautiful images like this that you did. And spiders too, I must add! I like the red dress, the light, the all image. It is beautiful! Good work Amani. Send you lots of love.


  2. Another great image. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but your model gives the impression of being inhumanly tall – it might be the perspective, or something you’ve done in the editing process. In any case, an arresting picture and story.


    • Thank you so much Natascha!! That means a lot 😀
      I think I’d exclude this because of the colors.. although I like them and I feel like these colors work well with this specific image, I feel like it would stand out too much because it’s different from what I’d usually go for. I prefer a darker, less saturated palette.


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