Echoes Of Haunted Melodies

Last week’s theme for the 52 Week Project was window light. I had this super cool idea, well it was super cool in my head, with a huge window and a silhouette and light rays and dust aaaand I couldn’t do it haha. I did a test and it just didn’t work, and after discussing the idea with a friend it turned out the only way I could achieve what I wanted was by using lights. As in studio lights. Dun dun dunnn. I’m terrified of lights and I have no idea how to use them (but I plan on taking a lighting workshop, yay!) so I had to change it up a little.

I’ve been listening to Lindsey Stirling’s new album, Shatter Me, nonstop for the past few days. It’s just so beautiful. So I decided to do something inspired by her. I may have cheated cause I didn’t exactly use a window.. but close enough!

Echoes Of Haunted Melodies (26/52)


I want to be a hip-hop violinist. Sigh. I took a few violin lessons around 3 years ago, and I was able to play some lullabies, and twinkle twinkle! But it’s so hard ):
Sometimes I choose to believe that there’s an Amani out there who’s a professional violin player. And another who’s a famous rock star. Before you laugh, let me explain. I watched this video on youtube on a scientific theory that basically says that the universe is made of a finite number of particles that make up many many different types of combinations, BUT because the number is finite, the combination is bound to repeat itself. So there’s an infinite number of Amani’s (and you) existing on other planets, other solar systems. Okay I’m not very good at explaining – here watch this:

I realize that this might sound absurd to some people. I think it’s a nice thing to believe in.

Aaanyway, I have a before/after for you!


This week’s theme is: mythology.
Um, okay..

2014-2017 52 Week Project The Making Of Thoughts

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  1. It is magnificent! I love this image, Amani! Gorgeous! The color is phenomenal. Imogen Cunningham said that her best photo would be that she would take tomorrow. I would say the best work, and I like most of Amani, is what she will do tomorrow. šŸ™‚ I also like the Lindsey Stirling. Have a great week. ā¤


  2. aaaah, I love this pic. Really delicately beautiful. Don’t you just love violins and the music and the cello and everything violin-y?! I wish I could incorporate violins in most of my pic, but I did one, and I was like, I do not want repetition!

    Beautiful pic and colours. And the tone just works. Very true to the video as well.


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