Month: February 2015

The Saint Within The Sinner

Two weeks ago, the theme for the 52 Week Project was opposites. I wasn’t planning on taking a break from the project but you know, life happens. I was also kinda stuck because I couldn’t think of a specific idea. One thing that was on my mind was Sia’s Elastic Heart music video (which is…

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Contest Winners!

About time, right? I’ve apologized before for taking so long with it and I apologize again. These past two weeks felt like a blur and I’m more than ready to get back into shooting regularly and working on more projects. So anyway, lets get into it. I want to thank everyone who sent in a…

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Trapped In Winter

The past week’s been hectic – from working constantly on my submission for the Restart The Art project to spending time with family, I haven’t had a chance to shoot anything. I haven’t taken any pictures in exactly ten days and I miss it so much. My mother just got out of surgery a few…

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