Month: April 2015

Darkness Beckons

Sometimes it feels like there are two sides of us, constantly at war. One wants to be saved and is fighting for freedom and release, and one wants to stay down, and drag everything with it. Because it’s easy, because it’s safe, because the pain is familiar. Because it’s constant. That dark, self-deprecating, self-loathing side…

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Sandstorms Are Awesome

If you’ve ever lived in the UAE, you know how the transition from winter to summer can be. Or not really. No one ever knows because it’s so random and unpredictable. It could be all sunshine and butterflies one day, and stormy the next. And the sandstorms.. Oh, the sandstorms. I love them. I don’t…

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This blog post is mainly going to be about what’s been going on in my life lately and what I’ve been working on. The past few weeks have been.. quiet. I’m starting a few projects (still in the brainstorming phase) and doing a lot of research and reading. I mentioned a while ago that I…

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