On being inspired by music

I cannot believe I’ve neglected my blog for an entire month; my life’s been kinda hectic. I was in Germany for about two weeks, and a day after I got back I got a really bad cold for almost a week. But now I’m back! And I just finished a new image that I’m super excited about.

A few weeks ago I was listening to The Classic Crime’s Phoenix album, and fell in love with the song You and Me Both. I just had to create something based on the lyrics: “is this blood on my hands a consequence of my own war?” because in a way, it resonated with me. I absolutely love creating images inspired by music, especially when it feels like it’s a cycle: I feel a certain way, discover a great song with beautiful lyrics that puts my feelings into words, and I create something based on that. There are times when I create images based on songs without them being too.. personal. I mean the song might have nothing to do with how I feel, but listening to it just makes images pop up in my head. I think music is an amazing way to find inspiration.

A Consequence Of My Own War

If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration, try creating something based on your favorite song! Right now, I’m loving three albums (Shadowmaker by Apocalyptica, Dark Before Dawn by Breaking Benjamin, and Bloodstone & Diamonds by Machine Head) and I’m excited to start planning shoots based on the tracks on these albums.
Do you guys create images inspired by music? I’d love to see them if you do! I’m inspired by so many different genres of music and I’d love to see what others get inspired by 🙂

I’m giving away the images of the cracks that I used in this picture! Feel free to use them however you want, no need to credit 🙂 There’s about ten images, download them here.

2014-2017 Thoughts

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  1. Awesome image Amani! And yes! Songs are, indeed, a great way to find inspiration! I agree! About the image, i must say, that is absolutely awesome. You have reasons, as always, to be super excited about this work. Congratulations my dear! Stay well!

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