Dance Style Portraits

I love ballet. I love all things soft, delicate, and feminine.
I recently watched a video by Sue Bryce about shooting dance style portraits, and wanted to try it myself. I wanted to see if I can pose girls who aren’t dancers in a way that would make them look like they are. Because really, what girl doesn’t secretly want to be a ballerina?

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For this shoot I bought lots and lots of tulle, both black and beige. I took it to a tailor and explained what I wanted to her and within two days I had two gorgeous skirts. I had an amazing makeup artist for the day, Rachida, who was introduced to me by another makeup artist I’ve worked with before.

I love making behind the scenes videos to show people what you usually happens during these shoots. Check it out here.

I’m going to start offering dance style portraits to my clients now because I just absolutely love it. Why not feel like a ballerina for a day and have it documented? Gimme a call, send me an email, let’s make it happen! 🙂

2014-2017 portraits The Making Of

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