Two Thousand Sixteen

What a year.

I put a lot of emphasis on portraits and starting my portraits business. I had clients that flew me to Kuwait to photograph them, I went to the US and The Czech Republic, I joined a writing group and have been writing almost everyday (mostly poetry and prose), I fell in love, I relapsed, I got back up, I was one of the 8 local photographers chosen to exhibit in a huge photography exhibition, I photographed Lindsay Lohan, I stopped creating conceptual photography and then got back into it.

Honestly,  I’m a huge mess sometimes. I struggle with discipline and being motivated, despite having the desire to accomplish so much. Sometimes, I manage to get things done and sometimes I don’t.

In 2017, the biggest thing I want to work on is discipline. With that comes lots of goals of course, like exercising regularly, writing, creating (starting a 52 week project!), and reading. And most importantly: being the best version of myself.

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. Your year has been amazing and full of growth. We all go through those unmotivated periods..what separates you from those who don’t achieve what they wish for is that you do get back up and keep going – sometimes right away, sometimes years down the road. Either way, it is all trying, and that is all we have.

    My goals are too long to list, but I have decided two things. For me, 2016 was a year of commitment. 2017 will be a year of power, really and truly going after what is best for myself and especially for others with a lot of gumption. Love that word – gumption.

    All my love to you and I will see you next year!! ❤

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    • Brooke, your faith in me has always and will always make me want to be better. Thank you so much for that ❤

      And thank you for teaching me a new word! I love it. It's also fun to say hehe. I can't wait to see what you do in 2017! 😀

      I can't wait to give you the biggest hug ❤


  2. I make Brooke’s words, mine too! You know I admire you and your work. I have always loved your conceptual work, full of claw, passion, story and enthusiasm. In recent times you have presented us more portraits, but also with the same commitment, passion and claw. I will tell you the words of my aunt, when she saw your work on the exhibition: “I love these photos, I cannot explain it, but it fills the mind of the most sensitive people. I have some goals for 2017. Some related to photography, some not! But a special goal will be to … I do not know if it will be in 2017, or 2018, or any other year, but one day I wiil fulfilled this honor to meet you. I wish you a wonderful 2017.

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