Take 52 Chances 2017 | Memories

I loved this week’s theme. There were so many images I wanted to create but decided to focus on one.

I want to walk
until the road and I 
become one

I want to go back
but there is no way for me to turn around
I can only go straight from here
I can only hope it gets brighter

The road I paved is mine to walk alone

I wrote that while brainstorming and replaying a specific memory in my head. Two years ago in October, I came back from my month long trip in the United States. Sia’s Chandelier was a big hit and it was playing everywhere, especially in New York; which was my last stop before returning home. It was the first time I travel alone, and for an entire month. Coming back was bittersweet. I remember the first shoot I did after coming back, I went out to shoot alone and while driving to the location, I had Chandelier playing on repeat. The road seemed never ending. I was nostalgic. I felt like I didn’t know how to readjust to my life here. It’s not that I hated being here, but I missed that sense of adventure I had throughout the whole month. Hopping from one plane to the other (10 total!) and meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. I just wanted to go back.

Wherever I May Wander, January 2017

I also tried to sketch out what I wanted to do before shooting, just to help visualize it better. I’m so bad at sketching but every time I look at it I laugh, so I just had to share it haha.


Yay for Week 3 of the 52 Week Project! I’m excited to see where this goes 🙂

I’ve created a Facebook group with a bunch of people where I post a new theme every week and we create based on that. I’d love it if more people joined! Leave a comment if you’re interested 🙂

2014-2017 Take 52 Chances 2017 Thoughts

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