Take 52 Chances 2017 | Chaos


A Reflection of Imperfection, January 2017

Who knew that smashing mirrors can be so much fun? Sticking up shards of glass with rubber garden gloves, however, is not.

When I chose the theme “chaos”, I knew that I wanted to create something that would reflect inner chaos, and that’s why I chose to use a mirror. Initially, I wanted the broken mirrors to be a little more.. organized. I wanted to create perfect pieces, to represent how sometimes when we fall apart, we try to make it beautiful. We try to fall gracefully.

But as I was breaking the mirrors, I realized how difficult it would be to cut break them the way I want to. And I decided to play around with the placement of the mirrors until I felt like they worked with the theme.

This week’s theme is fears, and I’m SO excited to create something based on that. Ideas are already brewing in my head.

2014-2017 Take 52 Chances 2017

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