Take 52 Chances 2017 | Captivity

I’ve been experimenting with different editing techniques for the last two images for the 52 week project, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve always been scared of trying photoshop things to make them bigger or smaller than they actually are. I’ve only done it once and I always felt like I got lucky with that one because the next few times I tried it, it didn’t work.

So for the captivity theme, I decided to create something about feeling like you’re stuck in time while everything around you is moving forward. It’s a theme I’ve portrayed in another image a few weeks ago, but it’s something I feel so strongly about that I needed to create this image.
I often feel like I’m not making as much progress as I’d like to be making, and time isn’t something that I can ever get back.. I’m terrified of wasting it.

What Can’t Be Resurrected, February 2017

2014-2017 Take 52 Chances 2017 Thoughts

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