Content Creation Challenge, Day 5

Wohoo! 1/3 of the way through.
I’m liking this challenge. My brain goes like “nooo I can’t think of anything to create today” and I go like “oh yes you can”. Then we fight some more but in the end, I win.

Today’s theme was breaking, and the challenge was to use something shattered. I struggled so much with this, I asked my 5 year old niece what she thinks I could do. She rambled about broken flowers for a while.. but nothing made sense. Kids are fascinating.

Anyway! My brain wanted to go with a dark image, but after I bounced some ideas off my friend, I decided to create something a little more positive.

IMGL4636 resized.jpg
Summer, Be Gone, August 2017

It’s really really hot here, and humid and dusty and yucky. I’m looking forward to the weather getting better cause I love being outdoors. That’s what inspired this image. And of course, I’ve seen variations of this idea (by Rosie Hardy and Brooke Shaden) and I’ve always wanted to try it out.

I’d love to know where you guys are from and if it’s super hot where you are too. Leave a comment and let me know 🙂

2014-2017 Content Creation Challenge

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