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In The Company of Wolves

For the color focus theme, I came up with three ideas. One was going to be based on the color red, the second was going to be blue, the third one was going to be neutral colors like beige and light brown. I shot red and the neutral colors one on the same day and…

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Thoughts and Insecurities

There are a lot of things that once I start thinking about, I can’t stop. One thought leads to another and I find myself in a dark place again. I often wonder, how much of myself should I be sharing with people? Do I only blog about new work, and anything photography-related? Or can I tell…

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52 Week Project & new friends

I love making new friends, and photographer-friends? Even better. Kidding (kinda), I love you all. I met the awesome Nadeem Rifai when he visited The Art Beat to see my work. He’d sent me a message me a day or two before the exhibition complimenting my work, and it so happened that he was in town…

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