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Trail of Hope

I’m finally back from Malaysia! It was a wonderful trip and I’ve got a lot of pictures to show you guys. But first, the picture for the 52 Week Project. I mentioned getting kicked out of the park for shooting in my last post, and I didn’t get to shoot extra pictures to expand the frame. I…

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When Faith Crumbles

I’m in Malaysia and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve been trying to spend more time with my family so I’m a little slow with my photography. I shot the new image for the 52 Week Project a day before traveling and I’ve been working on it on and off for a few days. The theme was…

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To Guide Your Way Back Home

Being in Egypt has given me time to reflect on things. It’s probably because I don’t always have access to the internet, and most of the time I’m out. Not in a mall or anything, just outdoors. I love being outdoors. And it gets cold at night! It’s awesome. I’ve also been reading a lot;…

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