Trapped In Winter

The past week’s been hectic – from working constantly on my submission for the Restart The Art project to spending time with family, I haven’t had a chance to shoot anything. I haven’t taken any pictures in exactly ten days and I miss it so much. My mother just got out of surgery a few days ago so I need to spend some time with her and I feel the need to apologize for not posting anything new and falling behind again on the 52 week project, AND for not posting the contest winners yet. I’m really sorry guys. So I thought in the meantime, I’d show you an image I shot when I was in Kentucky with one of my most amazing friends, Autumn Horton.

Trapped In Winter


I also made a before/after GIF 🙂


If you guys haven’t seen the other image I did with Autumn, check it out here.

I’ll announce the contest winners some time this week and also *hopefully* have the new image for the 52 week project up. I hope you’re all doing okay!

2014-2017 The Making Of

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  1. Hi Amani! You do not need to apologize because you have a life beyond the blog and photography. Your “absence” it is more than justifiable and I wish a fast recovery to your mother. Another great work, Amani! I like the image. Have a good week and without rush! 😉


  2. Amani, I totally agree with Paulo! Sometimes life takes up so much energy and space, that art has to step back for a while. So no need to apologize, take your time – especially for your mother, who I wish will recover very soon – and come back whenever you feel ready! This blog and everything around it is not something, that we demand to receive, it is a wonderful gift from you to us, so it may well come at your life´s pace!
    Beautiful new image, I especially love the colors in it!
    Love and hugs ❤


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