I Can’t Be Told It Can’t Be Done

Title is from one of my favorite songs, Stubborn Love by The Lumineers.

I did it! The underwater shoot. If you haven’t read my previous post, last week’s theme was underwater. I had mixed feelings about it because I did two underwater shoots and they didn’t go so well. When I did the second one, I got one picture I actually liked (out of 800), edited it and posted it online.

The Moon Woke The Dead

Honestly, I had mixed feelings about it. I liked it then I didn’t, then I did. But now I like it for sure haha.
So, on Saturday, a friend of mine from university came over for a shoot. I’d contacted her a few days before and she instantly said yes! Which was super awesome.
Meet Larissa.

For this shoot, I wanted to do something inspired by The Little Mermaid. But not by Ariel – Ursula. So I knew I needed a black dress, with flowy fabric to look like tentacles. But I didn’t have anything I could use. I asked Larissa if she had a black corset that she wouldn’t mind ruining and she said yes. So we paired that with a black skirt, and I made the “tentacles” out of trash bags (which was so much fun by the way). I also went and bought the cheapest fabric I could find to use as a backdrop, I think I ended up getting around 4 or 6 yards just to make sure it’s big enough (and it was, thank god). I bought black and blue, just in case.
We had so much fun shooting underwater, that even after I got the shot I wanted, we just kept shooting and trying out different stuff. I even got Larissa into a red dress and we just kept taking lots and lots of pictures. I didn’t have a specific idea for the red dress, we were just experimenting. I’ll be posting a picture with the red dress some time this week, or next week. But for now, here’s the image for the 52 Week Project:

Poor Unfortunate Souls
Poor Unfortunate Souls

I guess it’s not such a bad thing that I watch cartoons with my niece every now and then.

I feel really good that I managed to get a picture I liked. I know that I will keep experimenting and keep practicing with underwater photography, because I absolutely love it. But it’s amazing what you can do once you set your mind to it. A few months ago, I would’ve easily dismissed the idea. I would’ve given up after the first try. But not anymore. I feel like the fact that I actually “announce” this here, and tell the world what I’m going to do, keeps me going and trying harder and harder. Like I’d be held accountable if I didn’t do it lol. I know it isn’t true, but that’s one thought that keeps me going.

Nooww, onto next week’s theme (drum roll please while I draw a paper)
It’s going to be: keys.

Oh wow. Let’s see how that goes.

2014-2017 52 Week Project Thoughts

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  1. Amani, I am so happy, your shoot worked out the way you imagined and even more so, that you enjoyed it so much and that you are excited to pursue doing underwater photography! Go girl! 🙂
    I love both pictures and “The moon woke the dead” even a little more – because the ghostly mood speaks to me personally…
    Hugs to you!


  2. oh wow this one is AMAZING! totally reminds me of ursula! just so PERFECT! i can totally picture it as a cover for a book! I am completely serious. Both underwater shoots were so good! but i love this one even more. EEP! keep up the amazing fantastic work and the photoshoot looked like a ton of fun. Can’t wait to see pictures with the red dress 😀


  3. Particularly love The Moon Wake the Dead, suggesting going through a mirror and it’s almost abstract quality – eerie, too. Second choice is Poor Unfortunate Souls – again, a little creepy, but something of the alternative fashion shoot about it, too. Great work.


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